My Personal Projects

For a single photograph to be successful it must deliver on a number of fronts. The image needs to challenge us in some way so that we want to return for at least a second look, probably more. It might make us smile, or it might disturb us, it just needs to offer something more than is immediately apparent. A photograph should stir some kind of emotional response. It should leave us with more questions than answers. It does not have to be technically perfect, but it must tell a story of some kind. A personal project is all about building a collection of photographs based on a common theme, or subject, that work together in order to tell a more complete story than any single image can. Personal projects are a great way to bring purpose to our photography, and a great way to avoid a scattered approach to making images. No need for  constraints in terms of what, where, or when, just come up with a clearly defined project and make photographs. Finally, we need to curate the final collection of photographs so that they meet the intent of the project. Individually they may be truly great photographs in their own right, but as a collection they need to work together as a cohesive whole to tell a more complete story. 

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