My wife and I visited the Hawaiian Islands for the first time last month. We spent a couple of weeks on Maui where we thoroughly enjoyed a blend of relaxation and the opportunity to explore the island. Here are some photographs that go a small way towards illustrating what we experienced. 
A Fuji X-E1 based mirror-less camera system has become my first choice when travelling by plane because it can easily be taken onboard as carry-on baggage. It is a joy to use, and is capable of producing excellent results, but it will never replace my full-frame DSLR for all situations. All the images below where made with either the Fujinon 14 mm f 2.8, or 35 mm  f 1.4 lenses. The camera was ably supported by a Manfrotto 190CXPRO4 carbon fibre tripod when needed. 
 Haleakala Volcano, Late Afternoon   ©Chris Bone 2014
 Leaf as Sculpture, Kula Botanical Gardens    ©Chris Bone 2014
 Koki Beach, Hana    ©Chris Bone 2014
 Iao Needle State Park    ©Chris Bone 2014
 Haleakala Volcano, Sunrise    ©Chris Bone 2014
 Walk in a Bamboo Forest, Haleakala National Park    ©Chris Bone 2014

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