Image for January.

It has been far too long since I posted photographs on this blog. For some reason that I am trying to understand I have been experiencing a creativity drought. This happens sometimes and it can be quite frustrating. I have been making photographs, but the results have all been seriously lacking in at least one way or another. As a way of pushing myself to create I have decided to take on a little project. I will be making photographs close to home throughout 2014 and posting one each month. They may say something about the particular month in which they were made, or they may say something about the place. In this way I will have a body of work that represents 2014.
We were walking our dogs along Canyon Creek Road in Kananaskis Country, Alberta earlier this week when I noticed the bands of tone and texture created by the snow, the rocky cliff at the side Canyon Creek, and the effect of the setting sun on the trees and ridge in the background. Fuji X-E1 18-55 mm lens at 24 mm ISO 200 f7.1 1/58 second, Singh-Ray LB Warming Polarizer.
©Chris Bone 2014

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