The Fundamentals of Camera Craft.

“The Fundamentals of Camera Craft” – Next Dates – TBA. Location: The Bragg Creek Centre, Bragg Creek, Alberta. Attendance is limited so book your place without delay (see bottom of this page).

Learning how to take control of your camera will help you to make photographs that meet your expectations more consistently. In this course we explore how a camera “sees” compared to us, and how this difference often leads to images that do not meet our expectations. This will be followed by a discussion about the various camera controls, what functions they perform, and how they affect the final image. We will demystify the terminology and jargon around the camera and the making of a photograph. A key component of the course is the discussion of white balance, dynamic range, ISO and exposure; including exposure priority settings. These topics are then brought together to see how various combinations of camera settings affect the look of a photograph. Understanding and taking control of your camera is key to learning the craft of photography which, in turn, equips you to express your artistic intentions in your photographs.

Attendance is limited in order to encourage interaction and discussion. 

Comprehensive course notes are provided. However, I suggest you bring a notebook with you in case you want to make some notes of your own. You need to bring your camera and camera manual as you will need to refer to both.

This course comprises of four, two hour lessons. The fee per person is $180.00 (Canadian) payable in advance (sorry, no refunds). To see all payment options please follow the PayPal link during checkout.  Location: The Bragg Creek Centre, 23 White Avenue, Bragg Creek, Alberta.

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