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Autumn Colours… The Larch Story – Part 2.

Following my ill fated attempt to photograph the larches in the Highwood Pass when the autumn colours were at their peak (see “Image for September” post below), another plan came to mind. On September 24 my wife and I, accompanied by our two trusty Labradors, set off for Larch Valley in Banff National Park. It was a glorious sunny morning when we left home. The cloud started to built up around Banff, then it started to rainy lightly when we were between Banff and Lake Louise. By the time we parked at Moraine Lake we knew we were in for a soggy hike; the rain was now falling heavily. Not to be deterred, we set off. After all, the moisture would increase the colour saturation in my photographs. It is only a short instance from the Moraine Lake parking area to the start of the Larch Valley hiking trail. The sight that greeted us there made our hearts sink “TRAIL CLOSED TO GROUPS OF LESS THAN FOUR HIKERS DUE TO BEAR ACTIVITY”. We decided that it might be a bit of a stretch for our two Labs to be accepted as  hikers, even though they are country dogs and had treed a black bear ten days before. Also, the inclement weather meant that other groups of hikers who might allow us to tag along were is short supply (none existent). Our respect for nature and the rule of law caused us to abandon any further thought of hiking Larch Valley on that day. This was not to be the year of the golden larches for us. Darn it! Note to self: check for restricted areas before leaving home in future. September was not a complete failure when it came to photographing the seasonal colours. Here are some images to show that.

Lone Hold-Out

20140925-_DSC5340-Edit©Chris Bone 2014

A View From Spray Lakes Trail, Kananaskis AB

20140918-_DSC5181-Edit©Chris Bone 2014

Slack Slough Wetlands, Red Deer AB

20140919-_DSF2293-Edit©Chris Bone 2014

Tour of Alberta Cycle Race.

The fifth and final stage of the first Tour of Alberta cycle road race took place today. Here are some images of the riders after 42 km of the 129 km stage as they raced along Highway 762 near our home. This was the highest point on the stage at about 1,400 m.
 ©Chris Bone 2013 
The leaders at this point on the stage.
 ©Chris Bone 2013 
The peloton approaches.
 ©Chris Bone 2013 
Race leader Rohan Dennis from Australia in the yellow jersey protected by his Garmin-Sharp team mates in blue. Rohan went on to take the overall race win. Peter Sagan from Slovakia in the darker green sprint leader jersey to the right won Stage 5.
 ©Chris Bone 2013 
This is a team sport.
 ©Chris Bone 2013 
Rohan Dennis from Australia won the first Tour of Alberta.