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Summer Is Not Over – Episode 2!

Pretty as a picture! 24 hours later and still snowing. After I took this photo the snow continued to fall for the rest of the day and into Wednesday night. Large parts of Central and Southern Alberta have been affected by the weather with large scale power outages. Lots of trees down on power lines. We just had our power restored after a day and a half. Thank you Fortis Alberta for all your hard work and long hours to get us back on-line. We enjoyed reading and drinking wine by candlelight yesterday evening. I was starting to enjoy life without electronic devices!


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My New website.

I am excited to be able to welcome you to my new website. This is my first attempt at building a site so It has taken quite a lot of time to put it together; not to mention some moments of frustration along the way. I must thank Kim Bruce at for providing me with a solid WordPress foundation and for her always speedy replies to my requests for help. I can thoroughly recommend her WordPress ++ package. Really all I had to do was configure things the way I wanted them and then add the content.

All the posts from are here so I will not be posting about photography to Blogger in future. If you follow my Bragg Creek Performing Arts blog at then rest assured that it will remain active.

I am still building the galleries so they will continue to grow and change over time. Click on the thumbnails at the bottom of the page or look under “Portfolio” to see some of my photographs.

While you are here, why not click on “Workshops & Events” to see what is coming up in the near future.

Thank you for visiting. Please come back.

Chris Bone

Summer Is Not Over!

View outside this morning. I refuse to pack up the umbrella just yet! “Officially” there are almost two weeks of summer still to go, and temperatures here on the weekend are supposed to top 20C. I sometimes wonder why we live here, but not often.