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Image for December.

At the beginning of 2014 I gave myself a project to post an image on my blog for each month of the year. The only criteria were that the photographs must be made close to my home, and during the month they were to be posted. The images could be representative of the place, the particular month, or both. If you have followed this from the beginning you may recall that the intention of the project was to help me out of the creative doldrums that I found myself in at the end of 2013. What it has actually done is more than that. It has helped me to understand the problem rather than just overcome it. I was trying too hard to come up with ideas rather than letting those ideas find me. Interesting subjects are all around us, all of the time. I was looking somewhere beyond and not finding inspiration as a result. Also, while I still enjoy photographing expansive landscapes, I sometimes find the smaller details within the larger scene to be more interesting. With this image for December, the project is now complete. I have some ideas for 2015 that will unfold in due course, but probably not in the form of specific projects.

This image was made right in my home, and for me it also represents the month of December. A wood stove may not appear to be very interesting but I like the way the internal parts are framed, first within the uncovered opening in the top of the stove, and then again within the photographic frame. The geometric shapes together with the contrasting tones and textures also make this an interesting photograph for me. The reason it represents December is because the stove gets a good workout whenever the weather is very cold, even more so over the holidays when visiting family insist on having a wood fire burning.

20141231-_DSF2523-Edit©Chris Bone 2014

Image for October.

October in Bragg Creek means the annual Scarecrow Festival, at least it has for two years now. This year I photographed many of the scarecrows as they started to appear in front of homes, businesses and elsewhere around the local area. The wide variety of creations just goes to show that there is no limit to people’s imaginations. Like all good things it must come to an end, so for my October Image of The Month I decided to post a photograph of a clearly distraught scarecrow that found the end of this year’s festival a little distressing.

©Chris Bone 2014

Image for September.

September is a glorious month for photographing landscapes because of the colour palette on display as the foliage on many of the trees and plants changes to reflect the end of summer, and the beginning of autumn. The image I have selected for this month alludes to these changes. It was made at the summit of the Highwood Pass (7,238 feet), in Kananaskis Country, Alberta on September 18. My plan was to photograph the larches in all their glory on the other side of the valley, but my timing was a little off. They still had a tinge of green in the needles. You can see a few larches mixed in with the spruce trees in the photograph. I like the effect created by the wet weather and low cloud which add a sense of drama to compliment the strong diagonal of the mountain ridge. More autumn colours to follow, but still no larches (that is another story).

20140918-_DSC5198-Edit©Chris Bone 2014

Image for August.

Summer is the time for outdoor festivals and events of all kinds. This is one reason why I decided to pick another image from the Pioneer Acres Annual Show and Reunion as my “Image for August”. The other reason is that I really like this shot! Of all the things that I saw that day, it was the draft horses and the steam tractors that I enjoyed the most. After initial processing of the RAW file in Lightroom 5, I converted the image to black and white using Silver Efex Pro 2. In order to give it an appearance that fits the scene I used the Antique Plate preset and just a touch of vignetting. Photographed using a Nikon D800 with a 70 – 200 mm f 2.8 lens at f 8.0 and 1/320 sec.    
©Chris Bone 2014

Image for July.

This place is very familiar to me because I pass by regularly when driving to and from our home; it is about five minutes away. I thought it would make a good location for an image representing the dog days of summer. Unfortunately, the mountains that should appear majestically above the line of trees are obscured by smoke from forest fires. It was 7.30am on the 31st and just about all my photographs from July were made during our time on the East Coast. These monthly images must be made close to home so I just had to work with what I was presented with. Here it is.    
©Chris Bone 2014

Image for June.

 June is the wettest month of the year around here so it is also the time when the plants and trees seem to explode with new growth. By changing the focal length of the zoom lens during the exposure of this image I tried to create an impression of this explosion of nature. The photograph was made using a Nikon D800 and a 14-24mm f 2.8 wide-angle lens. The exposure was f22 and 1 sec at ISO 100. I used manual focus to prevent the camera autofocus system from hunting during the exposure. The camera was mounted on a tripod to avoid movement other than the intentional rotation of the zoom control.    
©Chris Bone 2014

Image for May.

It is hard to believe that the last of our snow only disappeared a few days ago. The early flowering Venus Slipper Orchid is native to the Rocky Mountains and its appearance is a sure sign that spring has finally arrived. This little beauty is about 3 metres from our house.
©Chris Bone 2014

Image for April.

A short distance to the west of Elbow Falls in Kananaskis Country there is a remarkable system of streams and ponds created by the industry of beavers. They have controlled the flow of water from a group of springs to create a haven for waterfowl as well as themselves. Probably because it is located above the Elbow River it appears to have escaped damage during the catastrophic floods of June 2013 that changed both the character, and the course of the river. Beavers provide a valuable service by creating reservoirs that help to regulate the release of water from snow melt and rain into creeks and rivers. Destruction of wildlife habitat, clearcut logging and damage to water courses caused by the use of off-road vehicles have all served to increase the damage caused by severe weather events.
OK, this is a photo blog after all. Nikon D800, 50 mm f 1.4 lens, ISO 100, 4 sec at f 11 with a Singh Ray LB Warming Polarizer and 5 stop ND filter to show motion in the water.   
©Chris Bone 2014

Image for March.

In January and February I waited until the end of each month before choosing which photograph to post as my image for the month. March is one of those special months when we see a change of season so I think it appropriate to select a photograph that I made today, the first day of spring. March came in like a lion and looks like it will go out in similar fashion. Here in the Rocky Mountain foothills there are no spring-like colours to be seen yet. Today was a snowy, monochrome kind of day; just right for making dramatic black and white images.
©Chris Bone 2014

Image for February.

Spring may be only three weeks away but old man winter shows no sign of relaxing his grip as we await another blast of arctic air that is due to arrive today. Recent daily high temperatures have been around 20℃ below the seasonal average. This photograph was made near the hamlet of Bragg Creek, Alberta this afternoon.
  ©Chris Bone 2014