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Project Inglewood

I am making progress, albeit slow, on a body of work about the Calgary neighbourhood of Inglewood.

My latest image in the series shows the old National Hotel in its new incarnation as Off Cut Bar at The Nash. Another beautiful old building given new life in this historic part of town.

In case you missed the first image, here it is.

I think Black & White photographs are a good fit for this series. What do you think? Please contact me with your thoughts and opinions about this. I welcome your Feedback.





Flood Mitigation Project

No matter how hard we might try, we cannot improve on nature. This small water control structure is just one of many that have been successfully engineered by Beaver Construction Inc. This industrious group construct, operate and maintain a network of small dams that provide an important flood mitigation service during the annual spring thaw in the Canadian Rocky Mountains. They ask nothing in return except to be left alone to do what comes naturally.


Project Inglewood

Inglewood is the oldest community in Calgary and last year it received the accolade of Canada’s best neighbourhood. I always enjoy wandering around the area because of the old buildings, the eclectic mix of stores, restaurants and the various live music venues. Inglewood is also a great place to sit and watch the world go by over a cup of coffee or a glass of wine. Over the next little while (time yet to be determined), I will be making photographs in and around Inglewood with the idea of assembling a body of work that represents the character of the place. Recently I made this photograph of the back of one of the old buildings that face onto 9th Avenue, the main street of Inglewood. It remains to be seen whether or not it makes it into the final portfolio.


Another Interesting Sky

I am not sure whether we are actually experiencing unusual cloud formations this winter, but it certainly seems so to me. Regardless, when combined with the late afternoon light the winter skies have been spectacular. This is another example from a few days ago. I made the photograph at Paddy’s Flats in Kananaskis Country near Bragg Creek, Alberta. I like the contrast in mood created by the warm light of the setting sun on the trees juxtaposed against the threatening clouds.



Walking The Dogs…

We walk our two dogs twice each day, often close to our home. Whenever I do not take a camera it seems that the sky shows off with dramatic colours, particularly later in the day. Lately I have been better prepared, so today I shot a number of images. Here is one of them.


Image for November.

Winter approaches and the ice closes in on the last of the open water on Forget-Me-Not Pond in Kananaskis Country. The highway that leads to this area will close on December 1 and will not reopen until May 14 next year. This annual event is to protect wildlife habitat during the breeding season.

20141118-_DSF2375-Edit-2©Chris Bone 2014

The Fall That Keeps On Giving.

The colours in the forest this autumn are quite incredible, and what’s more the leaves remain on the trees despite heavy wet snow in September, and some high winds. I made these photographs today (October 8), during a hike in Kananaskis Country to the west of Turner Valley, Alberta.

20141008-_DSF2318©Chris Bone 2014

20141008-_DSF2331 ©Chris Bone 2014

20141008-_DSF2338©Chris Bone 2014

More Quarter Horses.

I have made a couple of visits to photograph our friend’s Quarter Horses, but so far I do not think I have succeeded in capturing their true characters. I will persevere. This photograph was made on a frosty autumn morning in September when the horses were being moved to fresh pasture. The dog’s name is Roo, and while she does not need to herd the horses it is something she obviously enjoys doing. The horses do not seem to be bothered in any way by this attention and just go about their own business regardless.

20140905-_DSC5059©Chris Bone 2014

Quarter Horses.

Some friends of ours have four Quarter Horses that I am in the process of photographing. It may take several more visits before I have a collection of images that expresses the true character and charm of these beautiful animals. I will post more shots along the way.


©Chris Bone 2014