Welcome here! It was time for this site to undergo a bit of a facelift so I hope you like the new look. In order to keep things fresh I will be featuring different aspects of my photography on this page. It might be a collection of images about a place or an event, a project I am working on, or a particular topic that I want to talk about.

Colour can help to tell a story, or it can get in the way by obscuring the essence of a photograph. Unless colour is the subject, or colour is needed to help understand the photographer’s intent, it is superfluous. Black + White Gallery

Helios 1, Leighton Art Centre, Alberta

With certain exceptions, my photographs are available for purchase in print form or as limited use digital licenses. Image licenses will be available via 500px in the near future. Prints are available in various sizes, both framed and unframed. Please contact me with your requirements. 

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